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English Proofread is venturing into VLOGGING!

‘Ukraine’ or ‘THE Ukraine’? A guide to the definite article an…

English Proofread is venturing into VLOGGING! Here is the first of a series of short vlogs exploring interesting and quirky areas of the English language. Feel free to comment, like and share. We hope you like it! 🙂

Posted by English Proofread on Friday, 20 January 2017

Here is the first of a series of short vlogs exploring interesting and quirky areas of the English language. Feel free to comment, like and share. We hope you like it! 🙂

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Research collaboration opportunities

The Qatar National Research Fund have a substantial list of research collaboration opportunities – it could be you they are looking for!

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Helpful Science Europe postdoc funding report

Download this Science Europe report from a pan-European association of research funders and institutions offering some pointers about what to expect and look for in postdoctoral funding programmes across the continent.

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Improving your academic English using the AWL

This site by Exam English (click here) provides a series of tests designed to improve your knowledge of academic English using the Academic Word List (AWL) – an extremely valuable tool for all students and researchers.

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Machine translation: the end of the human translator?

Translating from one language to another is fraught with difficulty – capturing exact words can be hard enough let alone more subtle meanings like metaphor, pathos, or culturally specific references and phrases. But machine translation is even more complex, although it is developing at a very rapid pace and both text and voice can now be translated very quickly. This BBC 4 programme explores whether machine translation means an end to human translators and what impact it might have on our desire and ability to learn and immerse ourselves in other languages.

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Thinking of further studies or research?

Well worth checking one of the world’s most respected and trusted rankings of tertiary educational institutions – the Times Higher Education world university rankings.

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Nine science words that even smart people get wrong

It’s particularly easy to get things wrong when it comes to science, because words often have a different meaning for scientists than they do for the rest of the population. This article will help with clearing up some of these easily made mistakes.

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Australian grants for Arab academics

See the link here for an interesting call from the Australian government for grant tenders which our friends and colleagues in the Arab world may be interested in:

International Speakers Program – support the two-way flow of influential individuals between Australia and the Arab world. Visits could encompass two to three locations for a week of public speaking, targeted meetings and media opportunities.
Visiting Fellowships – support talented academics from the Arab world to research, teach and learn at Australian institutions.
Media Internships – support pilot programs to encourage Australian media participation and exchange at news agencies in the Arab world.
Promotion of Women – support an annual award or event specifically aimed at promoting women in the Arab world by encouraging diversity, innovation and female leadership.

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EU cash for hard-up social scientists

Not a marriage proposal, but a study proposal… the EU has cash to splash on hard-up social scientists. View the EU’s research grants here.

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Keeping an eye on the peer review process

Keep your finger on the pulse of current scientific debate via Retraction Watch which keeps up to date with peer reviewing in the scientific community.

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