Cinema and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

If you have watched the excellent ‘Arrival’ at home or at the cinema, you may want to dive further into the linguistic issues touched upon and read this article on the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

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The academic self-promotion struggle

Postdoc or professor, the self-promotion struggle is real. So, how can academics promote themselves without sounding too ‘sales-y’? Click here to view this article from The Campus (part of Times Higher Education) which could help answer the question.

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Is it ‘Ukraine’ or ‘The Ukraine’?

Is it ‘Ukraine’ or ‘The Ukraine’? Please click here to see and share our video from our Facebook page for an explanation. 🤓

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LSE academic podcasts available for free

Watch and listen to podcasts of a wide variety of events held at the world-renowned London School of Economics. Click here to access.

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Free cloud edition of ‘Babel’ linguistics magazine

Babel is the quarterly language magazine that brings you cutting-edge linguistic research in an accessible and colourful format.

The Best of Issue is available for free, with features taken from across the first 32 issues. You can read it online by clicking this link.

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Is Sci-hub the future?

This BBC Radio 4 documentary is an interesting exploration of the impact of Sci-hub on science and the Open Access Movement – please click here.

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Rescuing academics around the world

For nearly nine decades, the Council for At Risk Academics (CARA) has been dedicated to rescuing academics around the world who need to flee their homeland in order to escape conflict, arrest or persecution.

Follow the link for details of their Fellowship Programme and please share. 👈

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Let’s argue about this!

Click here for another horribly confusing grammatical issue for your delectation!

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Working as an Academic Proofreader

We are always interested to hear from professional, experienced freelance academic proofreaders looking to join our team.

Academic Proofreading Services Ltd. provides proofreading services to academic researchers and businesses across the globe and we are looking for candidates who are confident and capable of working at an extremely high level of academia across multiple disciplines including BOTH the physical and social sciences.

As a freelance proofreader with Academic Proofreading Services Ltd. you will need to  have the following skills:

  • Excellent written English-language skills and English as your mother tongue;
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and work efficiently and consistently;
  • Ability to understand the linguistics of complex academic writing in BOTH the physical and social science disciplines;
  • Good time management skills;
  • Work on own initiative to research terms and provide insightful comments;
  • Ability to write clear and concise copy;
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word and other editing software where appropriate (training given on the latter);
  • Access to high-speed Internet, laptop/PC with minimum Microsoft Office 2016 and the most recent version of the Mac or Android OS, and smartphone with roaming data;
  • Willingness to undertake Quality Assurance duties on a rotational basis;
  • Willingness to undertake training and apply feedback from Quality Assurance management and abide by our data privacy policies.

If you would like to enquire about opportunities, please forward your CV with a covering email to [email protected] with the header ‘CAREERS IN PROOFREADING’. Please ensure you include the following information:

  • Your motivation for applying;
  • Your relevant experience;
  • Your highest level of academic qualifications;
  • The approximate number hours you are looking to work per week (please note: fees are based on words completed rather than an hourly rate and you will need to be able to accept up to the minimum of 20,000 words per week on the weeks you have elected to work);
  • The time zone you would be working from (please note: we can only accept applications from candidates working from time zones at a maximum of 3 hours plus or minus of GMT).

Due to the volume of enquiries, we can only respond to candidates who hold the relevant qualifications/experience, so if you have not heard from us directly within a week of your submission, please assume you were not selected to continue the application process.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Warning to all authors: predatory publishers

Sadly, we are coming across authors who are being ripped off by fraudulent predatory publishers claiming to be publishers of legitimate academic journals and asking for large sums of money before authors submit their papers. They then often demand the specific and usually unnecessary use of their self-affiliated language editing services which are shown on their websites (from which they receive a financial kickback). We would urge all authors to check here and also other websites such as, and before submitting their precious research to any journal.

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