As an international academic you will appreciate the need to ensure that your research obtains global recognition by enhancing your research standing through publication in international journals. English-language journals and peer reviewers require papers to be at a very high standard of English before being accepted for publication or review.

English Proofread specializes in professional academic proofreading services by native English speakers. Our service is a comprehensive check of documents in British or American Standard English of spelling, grammar, sentence contextualization (syntax) and repetitive wording. We will also improve the flow of the writing, if necessary, to ensure it reads as though written by a native speaker and check that any use of English idioms is correct. You can see a full breakdown of the service we offer here.

The track changes facility on Microsoft Word will be used so that you can accept or reject the changes made as you see fit. The comments facility will be used where the proofreader wishes to bring an issue to your notice, for instance, if a sentence is incomprehensible or if the proofreader wishes to comment on or suggest appropriate amendments to the language, you will be notified. For Latex files, although there is no track changes facility in this software, you can easily see the amendments made by using a site such as Diff Checker and we will also provide a separate comments sheet if appropriate.

To receive a final quote, please click HERE or submit your document(s) using the big, red submit button. You can also use our fee calculator to get a preliminary idea of the cost.

Please note: each document submitted is reviewed by our Admin team on a case-by-case basis and our final rate may be greater than that stated on the fee calculator if the submitted document needs significant revision. We may be able to offer special rates if a single document exceeds 30,000 words (please note that this only applies to manuscripts received in one MS Word or Latex file).