Proofreader vacancy starting Tuesday 8th January

We are looking for a professional, experienced freelance academic proofreader to join our team starting Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Academic Proofreading Services Ltd. provides proofreading services to academic researchers and businesses across the globe and we are looking for candidates who are confident and capable of working at an extremely high level of academia across multiple disciplines including both the physical and social sciences.

As a freelance proofreader with Academic Proofreading Services Ltd. you will need to have the following skills:

Excellent written English language skills;

Ability to pay close attention to detail and work efficiently and consistently;

Ability to understand complex academic writing in multiple disciplines;

Good time management skills;

Work on own initiative to research terms and provide insightful comments;

Ability to write clear and concise copy;

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word and other editing software where appropriate (training given on the latter);

Access to high-speed Internet, laptop/PC with MS Word 2013 or 2016 and smartphone with roaming data;

Willingness to undertake training and apply feedback from Quality Assurance department and abide by our data privacy policies.

If you would like to apply, please forward your CV with a covering email to with the header ‘PROOFREADER VACANCY‘ by 8am (GMT) on Saturday 15th December. Please ensure you include the following information:

Your motivation for applying;

Your relevant experience;

Your highest level of academic qualifications;

The approximate number hours you are looking to work per week (please note we base our fees on words completed rather than an hourly rate and we require a minimum of 15,000 words per week on weeks you have elected to work);

The time zone you would be working from (please note that we can only accept applications from candidates working from time zones at a maximum of 3 hours plus or minus of GMT).

If you have not received a confirmation email from us by 2pm (GMT) on Thursday 20th December, please assume you were not selected to continue the application process.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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Ig Noble winners announced

We reviewed the research of the Ig Noble prize winners 2018 and in a randomized, controlled trial in the office, we can verify that the effect of shouting and cursing while driving is embarrassment when you realize the car window is open.

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Poverty and the ‘word gap’

This report from Oxford University Press addresses the question of poverty and the ‘word gap’. If you are interested in childhood language acquisition, have a read.

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New UK universities regulator formed

If you are thinking of studying or taking up a research post at a UK university, you have a right to value for money and good working practices and these will hopefully be upheld by the newly-formed Office for Students – click here for further details.

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Free online English-language course

Please see the following link for a free online English-language course from the British Council.

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Here’s to 2018!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our friends, followers and customers!

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Call for papers promoting emancipation

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal, are calling for papers on promoting emancipation and challenging the processes of devaluation and obliteration of difference – please the following Facebook event.

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All research is good research?

According to the folks at, improbable research is research that makes people laugh and then think.

All we hope is that the research into the optimum time to dunk a biscuit was true.

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Tracking down plagiarists

If you’ve ever had your hard work illegally copied by an unscrupulous individual you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. This website gives some useful tips on how to protect your work and track down plagiarists.

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Research funding opportunities

Check here for a range of funding opportunities from the Economic and Social Research Council enabling individuals and groups to pursue research at a very high standard.

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